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About the Founder

Ashley Cheung is a professional in every sense of the word. She runs her business and personal life by a single motto - nothing ventured, nothing gained. As a first-generation immigrant from Hong Kong and proud business owner, Ashley is determined to pass on lessons of determination, confidence, and perseverance to her team, especially women and young creatives in the field. She founded Virtual Patent Gateway in January 2020 in an effort to leverage her paralegal skills on a virtual platform. She applies her creative and problem-solving techniques by collaborating with and supporting leading patent attorneys to advance the interests of their clients through Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) practices. 


Core Values at VPG

Through Women Empowered “WE” and Generation Innovation “GI”, VPG promotes an on-demand business model that creates accessible, cost-effective, and exemplary PTAB related paralegal services; promotes paralegal education by hosting online webinars that serve as a platform for industry leaders to educate and share their expertise; and fosters growth and understanding of young women who need professional experience and mentorship by providing opportunities to interact with VPG’s clients.

Our team consists of women of various ages and backgrounds. Our Principal and Founder, Ashley Cheung, finds and grows the talent she sees in each of her power partner at VPG. She identifies strengths and areas needing improvement for these power partners while encouraging them to grow and take responsibility of their own personal and professional growth.


Here's Our Team 

The VPG team is comprised of professionals and consultants specializing in their individual fields. Check out our team below:  


Xǐlè 喜乐 (Joy & Happiness) - Chief Vision Officer

Xǐlè 喜乐, the owl, can turn her head 360 degrees and can be found perched in the highest tree in PeTab so she can watch over all the creatures and monitor all the visitors to the sanctuary.


Darcy - Content Strategist

Darcy, the pangolin, is a talented specialist with a knack for managing project details while using kindness to develop meaningful relationships with her sanctuary team.


Han Solo - Project Analyst

Han Solo, the suricate, is cautious yet always on the lookout for opportunities of growth. They take care of the bugs–keeping viruses out of the sanctuary.


Henrietta - Creative Consultant

Henrietta, the horse, is from Great Britain, and uses her humor and tenacity to lighten the mood and drive creativity.


Sarang - Chief People Officer

Sarang, the impala, is quiet but introspective, kind, and uses her gift of observation and helps VPG connecting people within and outside of the organization.


Paprika - Webinar Support Specialist 

Paprika, the black leopard, is a worldly and a calm observer who doesn’t sweat the small stuff – she also sings like you would not believe!


Chika - Junior Project Engineer

Chika, the cheetah, who enjoys trying new things and is extremely talented. Chica is aware that she can grow in areas of patience and at times need to slow down to reflect.


Luminary - Creative Consultant

Luminary, the llama, is creative, cheerful, and passionate about colors. She likes to inspire the team using her unique talents.  


Peanut - Knowledge Management Engineer

Peanut, the giraffe, is graceful, protective, patient, intelligent, and has been a long-time and trustworthy friend of Xǐlè.


Alexandra - Digital Strategist

Alexandra, the lion, applies her expertise in social interactions, and courageousness to help her animal friends connect to other animals beyond PeTab.


Toto - Junior Artistic Engineer

Toto, the zebra, is an incredible artist and insightful. However, Toto feels safest when she’s alone and in her comfort zone.


Sara - Creative Consultant 

Sara, the hippo, is a protector and can be assertive to protect her team. She is also creative, caring and generally happy.  

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