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Deborah Bouchoux, Esq.

Deborah Bouchoux, Esq.

Licensed Attorney & Legal Educator

Role: Instructor for On-Demand Courses

The on-demand learning platform has become an increasingly popular way to learn, especially for billable professionals who may not have the flexibility to devote as much time to learning as they would like due to pressure-filled schedules and looming deadlines. Virtual Patent Gateway (VPG) and seasoned legal educator, Deborah E. Bouchoux, Esq., decided to join forces and build a platform that helps transform knowledge into valuable and practical skills. An innovative e-learning platform allows busy professionals to learn on their own, at any time, in any place. Growing and investing in your talents is critical, especially for skill-based courses such as cite-checking, legal research, legal writing, proofreading, and others. We want our clients and our webinar participants to have the flexibility to choose and learn at their own pace on their own schedules.

VPG’s Principal and Founder, Ashley Cheung, approached Deborah Bouchoux as a trainer for VPG shortly after Ashley founded the company in 2020. Ashley’s initial intention was to provide her team with the best resources available to support VPG’s practitioners’ clients. Ashley knew Deborah from Ashley’s involvement with the National Capital Area Paralegal Association nearly two decades ago when Ashley served on both the Seminars Committee and the Job Bank Committee. Ashley described to Deborah her goal of building a virtual platform where paralegals and other legal professionals have valued learners and could benefit from VPG’s virtual think-tank vision.

This on-demand platform is an affordable and creative collaboration between Ashley and Deborah, with the assistance of VPG’s Generation Innovation team: Stephanie Grover, Michelle Kim, Caitlin Nelson, Sae Kim, and Shelly Crynes. The VPG team primarily consists of women who believe in empowering women of all ages, backgrounds, and diversity to reach their dreams. The team believes in achieving work-life balance and supporting each other through thick and thin. Team members guide and mentor each other as well as help Ashley pursue and execute her vision and her dream while she likewise supports team members and others.

We dream, we implement, and we deliver.

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