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Here's Our Team 

The PeTab Village, the sanctuary for many original inhabitants finally had a chance to mesh, yet they are now confronted with many new challenges.  Some of the original inhabitants must learn to live with being challenged by the status quo and navigating around their non-comfort zones as there are now diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues the leadership must address.


Ecosystems are biological communities of interacting organisms and their physical environments.  Ecosystems within the PeTab village contain water, trees, and rocks, and every part of the ecosystem is interdependent on each other, either directly or indirectly. 


Every system is part of the ecosystem like a puzzle piece. All the pieces fit together to make a complete Ecosystem. This is one reason we started having puzzles in our store. We are all pieces of the puzzle, and we must collaborate and find innovative ways to accommodate the need of every inhabitant to make our ecosystem work!

Our Team Has Grown Through The Years

Each of our inhabitant is a piece of the puzzle with their unique gifts and challenges.

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