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At Virtual Patent Gateway (VPG), we're not your typical freelancers. WE are Women Empowered (WE) and WE are your one-stop shop to help you convey your stories. The Great Resignation era started in 2021. With the pandemic, people realized that life is short now more than ever. We all have our reasons to prioritize work/life balance over luxurious lifestyles, and we are a group of professional women of various backgrounds, ages, and values who strives to put words into action by promoting the value of teamwork while maintaining our own integrity. We devote our time and talent to help Ashley build her vision to promote virtual on-demand support, from building an online social presence to delivering online support to patent practitioners who do not have large marketing departments but still need to build a loyal clientele while running a day-to-day practice.


WE offer competitive pricing and want to grow with you. We'll listen to your story and customize the best plan that brings out your uniqueness.


CONTACT US today about how our unique services can support the success of your organization.  

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