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Book & Brew Review: Coffee Collab

by Steph (Chika) and Syd (Fauna)

Ashley has implemented her CoffeeCollab and BobaCollab in the DMV area, and after being posed with the challenge to reach a new audience — college students — we, as part of the VPG team, accepted! We are excited to announce that we are collaborating with Coffeeholics, a cafe downtown at Virginia Tech (VT), to host our Book & Brew: Book Review event where we will talk about leadership and team-building lessons from Ashley’s book, Collaborating in Competitive Ecosystems! Both Steph and I are students wrapping up our time here at VT and thought it was time for us to give back to our community through review and discussion of the many lessons learned while working at VPG. We had meetings with Ashley and recommended a place we both enjoy and one familiar to other students and Blacksburg locals. The cozy cafe environment will make for a great place for VT students to come together and participate in this event. Plus, as an additional bonus, we’ll be supporting a local business of VT alumni!

Together, we will help promote Collaborating in Competitive Ecosystems, a book that is valuable to both practicing professionals and those entering in the workplace. With students’ interests in career exploration and getting exposure to work-life culture, we figure this will be highly appealing and beneficial for our fellow students.

Ashley, Steph, and Syd in a Zoom meeting

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