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Team Member Spotlight - Nicole Cohen

In the VPG Leadership Habitat, Nicole is represented by Nico the Tree Frog. Nico is a kind and thoughtful creature who loves spending time with friends and family. She thrives while collaborating with others, which aligns with the original Greek meaning of her name, 'victory of the people.' Nico is passionate about history and loves to spend hours sitting with a good book.

A graphic showing Nicole Cohen and her character Nico

Would you mind sharing: Who is Nicole?

I just graduated from UCLA this past June with a B.A. in History! I am currently on the pre-law track and am embarking on a gap year before attending law school. I live in Los Angeles, love going to the beach with my friends, and taking my dog, Lulu, on long walks around my neighborhood. I am interested in entertainment and IP law and am so excited to be joining the VPG team!

Tell us about your upbringing and what drives you.

I grew up hearing about my parents’ immigration from Iran to the United States, and the various struggles they endured once arriving in a foreign country with a foreign language. It’s from both my parents that I learned what strength really means. My parents are who I look up to most in this world – their lives and experiences have motivated my own and inspired me to pursue my interests to my fullest ability.

I knew that a career in law would be my future early on – I’ve always maintained a passion for writing, reading, and researching. I love the entertainment space and find the adaptation of books to film to be particularly interesting. I took a course at UCLA (Domestic and Global Entertainment Industry Careers and Strategies) that introduced me to entertainment and IP law. While patent law is a field I am not familiar with, I am excited and motivated to learn more about the law, and the IP umbrella.

Why do you want to be part of the VPG team?

I was lucky to be introduced to Ashley and VPG through Kia (Capybara). Immediately, I was struck by Ashley’s commitment to DEI, her amazing creativity, and her care for her team. It is also clear that VPG promotes a safe and respectful working environment. Ashley’s passion for her work is evident, and her years of experience working in the patent law space is inspiring, and further sparked my interest in learning more about patent litigation, IP, and all the other services offered at VPG.

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