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Three New Peeps: A Toucan, A Ragdoll, and An Elephant

by Camelia Gilani, Litigation Assistant/Social Media Specialist at VPG

In February 2024, we added three new peeps to the VPG’s Generation Innovation Team: Camelia Gilani (an elephant named Darcie), Michelle Wu (a ragdoll named Luna) and Taylor Chung (a toucan named Perci).

new members of VP Gateway

Camelia Gilani - Camelia is a Social Media Specialist & Litigation Assistant. She is a recent graduate of Boston University where she studied Public Relations. She served as a Director of DEI at her sorority when she was at BU. Camelia worked at Oracle when she was in Boston. Camelia’s avatar is an elephant, named Darcie.

Michelle Wu - Michelle’s role is to help serve as our on-demand courses Ambassador and Litigation Assistant. She is a Sophomore-Transfer at The University of Albany – SUNY, majoring in Business Economics. Michelle was born and raised in Queens, New York, and her avatar is a ragdoll named Luna.

Taylor Chung - Taylor is a Social Media Liaison for the team and works an intern at the Hudson Institute during the day. He and Ashley share a Hong Kong connection and he studies at Baylor University on a scholarship. Taylor is also a DEI enthusiast. Taylor’s avatar is a toucan, named Perci.

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